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 Reliable, Trusted, and Professional Remodeling and Trades Services

Team Leaders

  1. Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez
    Project Coordinator
  2. Carlos A Almonte
    Carlos A Almonte
    Construction Manager
  3. Mucktiar M Singh
    Mucktiar M Singh
    Chief Estimator
  4. Melissa S Evanko
    Melissa S Evanko
    HR Manager
  5. Robert A Heinlein
    Robert A Heinlein
    Chief Financial Officer
  6. William Gonzalez
    William Gonzalez
    Property Manager


“The continuing strength of our Construction Practice calls for smart and experienced team leaders, and we definitely have those attributes in Construction Group 4, LLC,
David J Delacruz, Connecticut office partner and leader of the firm’s construction practice.
Mark J Delacruz, Pennsylvania office parthner and understand the Construction Remodeling as well as anyone in the industry.
Juan J Delacruz, President/CEO and managing partner of The Construction Group 4.

“If I were a construction-company owner, I would want them on my side.” Our investor and client, Peter Anderson said.

“Because we work with Properties investors clients of all sizes, we need solid expertise across all regions of our firm,”  And our client work highlights that fact every day.”

David J Delacruz

      Juan J Delacruz

Mark J Delacruz
Project Manager